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Computer Office Assistant

(For both domestic and international students)

The computer office assistant certificate program is a comprehensive program provides students the knowledge and skills required for entry administrative support and related positions requiring intermediate computer skilling. It is designed for students working or planning to work in office-support position in business, industry, and government.

The program covers a wide spectrum of topics including office general procedure, office equipment and computer, Microsoft Office feature, business documents, language usage, financial activities and career advancement. Students can also select additional courses to fulfill their future career needs in various professional fields such as legal office assistant and medical administrative assistant.


Computer Programming

(For domestic students ONLY)

In this program, students learn the knowledge of computer algorithm development, applications development, programming in Java and Python as well as applications of the programming skills learned to problem solving in Sorting, searching, media data processing, animation and computer gaming, and dynamic web design. Students gain knowledge of algorithms and programming techniques object oriented analysis and design. Students will also learn database design and applications as well as big data using modern processing tools like Hadoop.

Database Management

(For domestic students ONLY)

The aim of this course is to get a background in database design, methodology, and application through relational databases for business applications and services. It forms a beginner’s introduction for those who have no background in data, database management systems. Students gain fundamental knowledge of data structures, modeling, types, database models, database types mainly focused on relational databases and database management. Important topics such as Data Tables, Schema, ER Diagrams, Normalization etc., are covered in detail. Programming and development are introduced through SQL language, examples, and applications in MySQL package. Students also get familiar with advanced topics like Big-Data and Hadoop, Comparison of SQL and NoSQL methods and applications, Data Science and Analysis, R and R Studio for Analytics of numerical and text data. Finally, students consolidate their knowledge by doing relevant applications oriented projects in SQL, MySQL, R and R-Studio under the supervision of the instructor.

Medical Assistant

(For domestic students ONLY)

This program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions as medical assistants in a variety of health care settings. Students study the structure and function of the major body systems in conjunction with medical terminology, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, computer skills, administrative processes, bookkeeping and accounting practices, and the processing of medical insurance forms and claims.

The medical assistant program presents modules in terminology, anatomy and physiology, safety, and appointment, computers, medical office emergencies/CPR, medical insurance, and performance improvement. This course also presents modules covering medical office receptionist, records, finances, insurance billing and office management. In addition, the medical assistant program will cover exam room procedure, specialty procedures, pharmacology, minor office surgery, laboratory procedures, nutritional needs of patients and patient education.



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